Club Competition Races for 2020

There are several different competitions running throughout the year with different events available to different runners depending on your preferred distance and speed.  Have a look at Club Competitions for full details of how the different competitions work, or at our members calendar for a view of what races are on when.  (Note the slight amendment to the Ultra scoring system in place to encourage folk to run further)

Club Championships

Race Details Info
Windy Hill
race info
Sat 08 Feb
£10.00  Medium
Dist: 14.5km / 9m
Asc: 390m / 1280ft
We are guaranteed better weather than last time this was a champs race. Additionally we have a club discount – please see the facebook event or email statto to get the code.
Ilkley Moor
race info
Sun 01 Mar
£6.00  Short
Dist: 8km / 5m
Asc: 401m / 1316ft
The first of our champs races to also be part of the FRA 50@50 celebrations. Get there early and you will see some of our juniors showing how it should be done in the junior champs opening race.
Saddleworth Ten Res’s
race info
Sat 07 Mar
£11.20  Long
Dist: 38.6km / 24m
Asc: 1220m / 4003ft
Formerly a LDWA event this is now being promotted by Craggrunner and very much open to runners as well as walkers.
race info
Sun 29 Mar
£10.00  Long
Dist: 24.8km / 15.4m
Asc: 966m / 3169ft
A race put on by several of our own runners, this classic local long race has something for everyone (so long as you like hills and hills).
Manx Mountain Marathon Full and Half
race info
Sat 11 Apr
£20.00  Full: Long
Dist: 51km / 31.7m
Asc: 2500m / 8202ftHalf: Long
Dist: 21.5km / 13.4m
Asc: 1200m / 3937ft
Celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year, the full version also counts as part of the FRA 50@50 celebrations.
Either distance will count for CVFR club champs, with more points going to the finishers fo the full distance event.
Keep an eye on the facebook event for travel and accomodation options.
Remember the organisers have promised a crate of beer to the off-island club with most runners there.
Buttermere Sailbeck
race info
Sat 16 May
£10.00  Medium
Dist: 15km / 9.3m
Asc: 1315m / 4314ft
Buttermere Sailbeck is a classic AM with good run-ability and a classic descent to the finish off Whiteless Pike.
The climb up Causey Pike will sort you all out.
That’s So Hebden Bridge
race info
Tue 26 May
£5.00  Medium
Dist: 10.4km / 6.5m
Asc: 350m / 1148ft
Possibly the best race map in the FRA calendar, courtesy of Chris Goddard, will take you to the pike and back on a stunning mid week evening.
Pen Y Ghent
race info
Sat 06 Jun
£5.00  Medium
Dist: 10.5km / 6.5m
Asc: 564m / 1850ft
Again counting towards the 50@50 series, a short hop over to Horton in Ribblesdale will allow you to tackle the firsst of THE 3 peaks. A mid afternoon start gives you plenty of time to get your shopping done before the race.
Cragg Vale
race info
Wed 01 Jul
£5.00  Short
Dist: 6.4km / 4m
Asc: 244m / 801ft
Dust off your best midge repellant and take part in this classic race, before returning to the church for a pint or two.
Warslow Beer Festival
race info
Sat 04 Jul
£7.00  Short
Dist: 10km / 6.2m
Asc: 600m / 1968ft
This may be a long way to travel for a short race, but as we’ll all be there anyway to enjoy the Beer Festival, this is just a fun interlude in a great weekend away.
race info
Sat 25 Jul
£5.00  Medium
Dist: 12.9km / 8m
Asc: 610m / 2001ft
Another 50@50 counter. A short canal ride to summit will get you to the start of this AM race.
race info
Sat 01 Aug
£11.00  Long
Dist: 27km / 16.8m
Asc: 2000m / 6562ft
Again a 50@50, this classic Lakeland race climbs England’s highest summit, Scafell Pike. (Experience and mountain skills required – see website)
Yorkshireman Off Road Marathon
race info
Sun 13 Sep
£20.00  Full:Long
Dist: 42km / 26.1m
Asc: 1000m / 3281ftHalf:Long
Dist: 24km / 14.9m
Asc: 650m / 2133ft
Both Distances to count towards champs points, though you will get more points by completing the full than anyone doing the half.
Great Whernside
race info
Sat 26 Sep
£7.00  Short
Dist: 6.5km / 4m
Asc: 475m / 1558ft
Shepherds Skyline
race info
Sat 07 Nov
£6.00  Short
Dist: 10km / 6.2m
Asc: 350m / 1148ft
A late finish to the season as we head off to the Shepherds Rest pub for beer and chips and maybe a bit of running.

Summer Series

Race Details Info
Blackstone Edge
race info
Wed 20 May
£5.00  Short
Dist: 5.6km / 3.5m
Asc: 366m / 1201ft
Bring out your best jeans
Tor Mile
race info
Tue 16 Jun
£4.00  Short
Dist: 2km / 1.2m
Asc: 168m / 551ft
Stoodley Pike
race info
Tue 07 Jul
£4.00  Short
Dist: 5km / 3.1m
Asc: 213m / 699ft
Summer Handicap Date Yet TBC
race info
Tue 21 Jul


While the handicap itself gives a level playing field for all runners to race each other on the day, so far as summer series points go it is all about speed and the fastest runner will get most points.
Crow Hill Reverse
race info
Tue 04 Aug
£5.00  Short
Dist: 8km / 5m
Asc: 305m / 1001ft
Hades Hill
race info
Thu 03 Sep
£4.00  Short
Dist: 8km / 5m
Asc: 360m / 1181ft

Ultra Champs

Race Details Info
Haworth Hobble
race info
Sat 14 Mar
Not specified  31.7miles
Our first Ultra of the year as also part of the 50@50 series.
Oldham Way Red Rose Ultra
race info
Sat 18 Apr
£40 / £90
  40 miles or 80 miles
If 40 miles is not enough for you, then you can do the full 80.  Points will simply be calculated against the fastest finisher on whichever distance you do, though there are additional elapsed mileage points for those choosing to do the second lap (run in the opposite direction to make it interesting)
Pennine 39
race info
Sat 11 Jul
  39 miles
There is a 24 mile option available on the day, but thats not an Ultra.  You have to do the 39 for it to count.
Lakes in a day
race info
Sat 10 Oct
  50 miles
This year we have a Lakeland Ultra included in our series.  With two very distinct halves to it.  First the mountains try to destroy you, before the second stage is more about low lying woodland and LOTS of it.