Club Competitions

As a club member you will have the opportunity to take on club mates in a series of competitions throughout the year.  These are not just about who is fastest on any one route.  We have championships that require you to be a steady all rounder or handicap events that require you to demonstrate that you are trying harder than everyone else whatever your ability.

Club Championships run throughout the year and have a series of events both local and further afield at various distances.  These tend to get a good turnout of CVFR runners so even if you aren’t expecting to win any prizes then they will still offer a good opportunity for you to discover great new races and get to run with fellow club members. 

Ultra Championships are for those who are looking to step up their distance somewhat and consist of a number of full days out in the hills.  

The CVFR Summer Series is based around a selection of short runs taking place during the summer months.  As well as being on quick courses, this is also going to be a quick series, with not long to wait from the start of the series to learning the results at the end. 


 The Summer Handicap and Winter Handicap are races where anyone in the club stands a chance of being first over the line.  Through the race stats that have been gathered throughout the preceding years the number machine will produce a start time for each runner that theoretically will results in a dead heat across the entire field.  It is then simply down to you to put in that extra bit of effort on race day.

Various Score Events take place through the year, some in daylight, some in the dark.  These are orienteering activities where you have to get to as many control points as possible within a given time.  Here map reading skills are just as important as running fast.  These dates vary and will usually be well advertised on the facebook group and group email.  Often the score events might be opened up to neighbouring clubs, and likewise we might be invited to their competitions.

Results from previous years can be found on the Historic Results page, along with race ratings from previous years.

Forthcoming Competition Races

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