Summer Series

The Summer Series is based around a selection of short runs taking place mainly during the summer months of July and August.  As well as being on quick courses, this is also e a quick series, with not long to wait from the start of the series to learning the results at the end. This series is also intended for any new members to get their teeth or should say we say legs and lungs into fell racing.

Summer Series Rules: Your best 4 results count towards your final score, but you do get an opportunity for bonus points by completing more races.

The first CVFR finisher at any event will get 100 points, the next will get 99 points and so on.  For each extra race you complete, you will get an extra 5 points.

Prizes are available to the first man and first lady in this competition.

Club vests must be worn when competing, there will be a 10 point penalty for any race where you are reported as not wearing a vest.  This enables everyone to see against whom they are competing.

Summer Series Race Calendar

Blackstone Edge Wed 18th May
Bridestone Tue 14th June
Heptonstall Festival Sat 2nd July
Summer Handicap Tue 19th July
Crow Hill Reverse Tue 2nd August
Hades Hill Thu 1st September


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