Complaints Procedure

Calder Valley Fell Runners – Members Complaints Procedure 

–  Updated Feb 2020

  1. Any formal complaint should be made in writing either to the, or to the Fell Runners Association (FRA) in line with their standard complaints process.
  2. Upon receipt of a formal complaint made to CVFR, the club will acknowledge this receipt back to the complainant, in writing within 1 week. (The date of receipt of the complaint is for all intents and purposes day 1.)
  3. The CVFR Chairperson (or a committee member, nominated by the CVFR Chairperson) should within 2 weeks attempt to make direct contact with the complainant to see if any informal resolution can be found to the complaint that has been made.
  4. If the matter cannot be resolved informally the CVFR Chairperson will call (within 4 weeks of the initial receipt of the complaint) an extraordinary meeting of the committee and ask for volunteers to be part of a panel to investigate the complaint.
  5. The CVFR Chairperson will decide who from the volunteers will make up the 3-person complaint panel (to ensure there is no conflict of interest and bias) and one of these will be appointed chair of the complaint panel. The CVFR Chairperson will not be on the panel.
  6. The panel will carry out a full investigation of the complaint, document the findings and make their decision and forward their report back to the CVFR Chairperson. All to be completed in 2 weeks from the panel being appointed.
  7. The CVFR Chairperson will advise all involved members (relevant to the complaint) in writing,  the club’s decision as to the complaint being up held or not , and any action the club has decided to take.  To be concluded within 1 week of the complaint panel’s decision.