Selfie Score

Welcome to the Selfie Score – (Links Below) 

What are they?

Selfie-Scores were originally thought up by club member Ben Frechette as a way to put on score events without the need for fixed controls or dibbers.

They can be done at any time, on your own or in groups, and are a great way of combining running and navigation training. They can be as serious or as social as you like.

Jim Mosley will be posting a series of local courses from around the valley and starts us off with two courses, one for Ludd Valley and one for Midgley Moor. He will be posting more courses in the coming months and Ben himself will be posting one for Cragg Vale.

What do I need?

All you need to do is print off the map and the control sheet photos, plus make sure your phone has enough charge. Treat them like a normal score event, the only difference being that instead of clipping in or dibbing in, just take a photo with your smart phone.

The simple rule is the photos must be taken within 5 metres of the control, and must match the one on the control sheet. Don’t cut corners or use the zoom as you will not receive the points!

Where do I start?

There is a suggested start point on each map, plus some other options if you want to do it more than once. You’ll notice they are usually around local pubs or cafés, so please try and patronise them where you can, especially if you use their parking.

What do I do?

Don’t forget to record your run AND photos to Strava. 

Please use the paths and trails where you can and keep off the roads where possible; we are fell runners not road runners don’t forget!

Good Luck and enjoy them.

Any comments and suggestions please get in touch at

Midgley Moor Selfie Score (1)

Ludd Valley Selfie Score (2)

Lockdown Selfie Score

Rather than being in a fixed location, this particular event sees you finding items that match the photos in and around your home area.