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Plogging & Staying on Track

A sport with a difference – Ben on ‘plogging’:

Another of CVFR’s international runners is also making the most of the current situation – in Ben Mounsey’s case to shine a light on the growing problem of littering on the fells and mountains, and encourage others to do something about it. Ben, who is sponsored by Sportshoes, has written a blog on the Sportswear company’s website to raise awareness of the revolutionary movement of ‘Plogging’ – a combination of jogging, whilst picking up litter along the way – which is beginning to gather pace and momentum internationally.

Founded by leading activist Erik Ahlström, plogging derives its name from two Swedish verbs – plocka upp (pick up) and jogga (jog) and offers a much-needed response to growing concerns globally about increasing amounts of discarded waste, littering and a rise in plastic pollution. People’s poor treatment of nature has come to the fore during lockdown with local and national news outlets decrying the spoiling of sites of natural beauty with discarded rubbish.

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