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Race results and ratings (Click here for an explanation of race ratings)


FAQ: Following a number of questions from members about why the results don't show what is expected I have done some digging into the formulae and added some answers to the common questions.

What is a rolling average?: This is one of a pair of numbers that are calculated before working out the results of any particular date.  They take into account all your previous race ratings, and how long ago those races took place.

The value of this will change week to week even if you don’t race – due to the time that has passed since earlier races – hence the term rolling.

Why don’t the handicap championships points tie up more closely with the improvement shown on the race report?: The improvement is based upon a rolling average that takes into account races of a similar distance, with more weighting being given to recent races, and the date of the latest rate being the time point for the calculation.

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