Club Champs

The Club Championships run throughout the year and have a series of events both local and further afield at various distances.  These tend to get a good turnout of CVFR runners so even if you aren’t expecting to win any prizes then they will still offer a good opportunity for you to discover great new races and get to run with fellow club members.

2021 Virtual Championship

With normal racing continuing to look uncertain we have opted for a time trial format for this years championships.

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Entry Fees

With most of these races likely to exist purely as a virtual run, there will not be any entry fees to pay.  The various races that exist in the fell running calendar on a typical year will often be donating a portion of the entry fees to worthwhile charities in the area.

To go someway towards plugging that hole, we have set up a fundraising pot.  If you do feel like donating to this in lieu of a portion of your usual race entry fee budget then we will gather it together and share it all out between a number of local charities.

Club Championships Race Calendar

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