Summer Handicap

A great club night with the chance for any club member to win this trophy.

CM – 6.6 miles (11km)/900ft (280m) 
Tues 19 July 2022 

Start times from around 7pm


Where? Ovenden Windmills Car Park. Grid Ref: SE042 309
How much? £3 to cover a few prizes. Presentation and pub for food to be at the Crossroads Pub
Race Organiser Ben Frechette – Contact:
What shall I carry? Bring full waterproof body cover, hat, gloves, whistle and compass. Kit requirement will be decided on the night.
What is it
For those that have never done the handicap route before it is a great route including the famous “Steps of Death” and the dreaded “Killing Fields” it will be fully flagged and encourage all club members to turn up and give it a go
You must carry kit as there will be no Marshall’s out on the course.
So who’s tough enough?
How does it work?
Based on race times recorded over recent years, our algorithms will generate a start time that has been carefully crafted so that everyone will cross the finishing line together. Though on the night someone will undoubtedly pull a little extra out of the bag and finish ahead of the others. The trouble is everyone is pulling a little bit extra as everyone wants to get that trophy.
I don’t like my start time? 
If you are suffering injury or feel your time is otherwise wrong then you may request any start time you judge reasonable, but if you do this you will be marked with an asterisk ineligible for the trophy.
Why is there an asterisk on my name?
If you have requested a start time but there was not enough data to predict accurately, then it is potentially unfair on the other runners as your start time may be wildly out. Therefore you have a suggested start time, which you are free to modify either way. However the asterisk does indicate that it is not a calculated time so you will not be eligible for the trophy if you finish first. You do still however get the full dose of pleasure (and pain) that comes from taking part in this race.
I don’t have a start time 
This may be because you have not had enough recent data to generate a handicap. Contact the statistician, Andy Wright and we may be able to sort out a time.
Route summer handicap
Records Male – Karl Gray (2003) – 43:52 Female – Holly Page (2012) – 52:55
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