Community Climbing Challenge

If you’d like to help us raise money for this valuable community voluntary service this week their Go Fund me page can be found here: gofundme page

How A Can You Go?

NOTE: The published end date for this was incorrect: runs can be run and submitted until 23:59:59 on Sunday

Now is your chance to become a race planner and then go on to run and win your own race.

The challenge is to find as much climbing as possible and to create the toughest category AS AM or AL race.  (That’s up to 10km for an AS, up to 20km for an AM then a 30km limit on the AL I’m afraid, no ultras just now)

With bank holiday weekend coming up you will get an opportunity to go out and show how much climbing you can fit in.  We will see who can find the evilest route in each of the categories AS to AL by the end of the following week.

But not only that, you will also be raising money for the Halifax Homeless and Community Kitchen along the way.  The club will be sponsoring this event and will donate £1 for every 1000 feet climbed by club members who enter this competition.  You can only log one entry per day, but there’s nothing to stop you going out and doing this more than once during the week.

Heres a story about how the organisation has had to adapt during the lockdown. 


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AS race leaderboard

Name Category Date Miles Feet Climbed
Darren Kay M 28/5/2020 6.2 4321
Holly Page F 23/05/2020 6.1 3340
Shaun Godsman M 24/05/2020 6.2 3261

AM race leaderboard

Name Category Date Miles Feet Climbed
Matt Kay M 26/5/2020 11.8 4656
Stuart Russell M 27/05/2020 9.7 4501
Tim Brooks M 29/05/2020 12.4 4482


AL race leaderboard

Name Category Date Miles Feet Climbed
Stuart Russell M 30/5/2020 16.3 7709
Toby Cotterill M 30/05/2020 18.5 7203
Dougie Zinis/Lee Shimwell M 30/05/2020 18.1 6690


Steepest Courses (Overall)

Name Category Feet per Mile
Darren Kay M 697
Holly Page F 552
Shaun Godsman M 527


Steepest Courses (Female)

Name Category Feet per Mile
Holly Page F 552
Catherine Jones F 382
Tamsin Cooke F 380

Steepest Courses (Juniors)

Name Feet per Mile
George McFie 285
Emil Noot / Imogen Noot 267


Fastest Climbers (not counting hill reps)

Name Category Minute/1000ft
Darren Kay M 23
Stephen Smithies M 26.7
Holly Page F 26.9


Full Results

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Wainwright Progress

With all this climbing going on for the challenge, we set ourselves the challenge as a club of running the equivalent of the height of all the Wainwrights from sea level, that is 453,000 feet.  After a close week the CVFR runners pulled some amazing climbs out of the bag on the final day of the challenge allowing us to beat this target with a combined total climb of 486,151