Ultra Championships 2019

Ultra Results

The above categories are eligible for awards at the end of the year, however we are now also offering the following categories as a just for fun to see if we can add a little competition to this years races

Ultra Championships Races

Following the success of the revised format since 2017 we are again counting your best 2 results from 4 races, though with a further tweak this year.  The more miles you run in completed ultra champs races the more points you can achieve. There are 3 points per mile available and you can choose to complete more than just 2 races and therefore get these points across up to 4 races.  So go on, do that 80 mile option, you know you want to!
Please note, many of these sort of races have prerequisites in terms of completing certain races beforehand or meeting certain cut offs.  Please check the entry criteria carefully.
For a list of this years races see 2020 Race List