30th year run

Calder Valley Fellrunners were founded in Oct/Nov 1986, when a small group of Halifax Harriers broke away to form a fellrunning club.

So now we celebrate 30 years as a club – having grown to be one of the most successful fellrunning clubs in the country.


(Photos are from our 20th anniversary run)

On our 21st anniversary we went on a 21 mile run around the valley to celebrate. On our 25th anniversary we did the same for 25 miles, so on Saturday 22nd October 2016 we will celebrate our club’s anniversary with a 30 mile run!


The route is based on the 21-mile and 25-mile routes, extended a bit. It is split into 4 sections, with the final section being a short climb to Sheepstones and down to Mytholmroyd. Join in with whichever section(s) you want to. The pace will be steady and the idea is that at the end of each section we come to a support point (Dauber Bridge, Caldene Avenue, Midgley Road).

At the support points it would be great if people could volunteer to come out with water and food. The support points are very sociable – we all stop for a while to eat, drink, chat, recover; runners on the previous section might stop there (or carry on) and runners doing the next section join in.

As many of us as possible should join in for the final section – it was a memorable sight on the previous occasions when we all run down from Sheepstones to end the run.



09:00 Start from MCC

Leg one (10.6 miles) goes to Manshead and back to Dauber Bridge. We should be at the cairn on the end of Manshead at about 10:15.

11:15 – 11:25 Dauber Bridge

Leg two (8.4 miles) goes to Withens Gate and Stoodley Pike, then down to Caldene Avenue. We should be at Stoodley at about 12:40.

13:25 – 13:35 Caldene Avenue

Leg three (8 miles) goes to High Brown Knoll and around Midgley Moor to Midgley Road just above the school. We should be at High Brown Knoll at about 14:35.

15:45 – 15:55 Midgley Road

Leg four (3 miles) goes up to Sheepstones (16:30) and down Redacre Wood to finish at the MCC.

16:50 MCC Finish

Then I suggest we go to one (or more) of the Mytholmroyd hostelries for refreshments.

GPX route: the website software won’t let me upload a GPX file, but this is a link to the Strava run round it. From there you should be able to download the route as a GPX file.