Winter Handicap

The Winter Handicap race is from Stubbs Field to Stoodley Pike and back. Any club member has a chance to win this trophy.

BS – 5.5 miles/1000ft



February 2021 – Time Trial Format (No Trophy for 2021 I`m afraid)

Sadly it has been impossible to run the handicap in the usual way this year.  not wanting folk to miss out on racing against my highly accurate calculator though, we are going to run this as a time trial format.  With the lack of realistic data or race conditions it will not be possible to award a trophy to this years winner, but there will still be challenge of runner versus spreadsheet.  There will also be championship points available.

You have 1 month to complete this challenge and get onto the leaderboard.  Simply follow the route any time in February, log your elapsed time (no auto pause run time results please, I only care about elapsed time) and email me your details to appear on the leaderboard.  Prove me wrong and show just how much time you can knock off your predicted time.



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How it works Staggered Start times have been crafted to ensure everyone will theoretically cross the finish line together. Anyone who puts in an extra effort on the day will therefore finish before their clubmates, except those clubmates will be doing the same.  Whoever puts in the biggest effort on the day will walk away with the trophy.
Start times Start times are calculated based upon your recent performance at fell races around the country. As no 2 races are the same, some magical calculations are performed upon this, which should theoretically give a prediction of how you will fare at the Winter Handicap. Members who have not taken part in enough recent races to have had an accurate start time calculated will have been allocated an approximate start time and will be marked with an asterisk. Those runners who are marked with an asterisk will still be able to race for fun and glory, but would not be eligible for the trophy. Likewise if through injury, or whatever, you do not feel that you can achieve the estimated pace for yourself then you have the option of starting at whatever time you choose but will not be eligible to win the trophy if you choose your own start time.       

If you’ve not run much then your start time will be a bit of a guesstimate but I’ve tried to include as many runners as possible. If your name is not down though do not worry, there is still a leaderboard for fastest times, or if you get in touch with me I might still manage to get an estimated time for you.

run times alphabetical v3

run times chrono v3

Where? Register at Stubbs Field, Mytholmroyd. Grid Ref SE 006260. Then retire afterwards for beers and sandwiches at a local pub (TBC)

Simply rock up at Mary`s tree and run your best time.

How Traditionally this race is a free event for club members, but this year we are asking for a contribution of £3 towards the post race refreshments
Race Organiser Dougie Zinis:
What Shall   I Carry? Full body cover, hat and gloves must be carried. You will not be allowed to race without adequate kit for the conditions.
Juniors, please note:  This race will be in winter conditions and kit requirements are stricter than at summer events.  If you are in any doubt about what will be required and what conditions you will encounter then please have a chat with one of the junior coaches. 
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Records (Since 2003 only) 
Male – 34:28 (Chris Holdsworth, 2020) | Female – 42:48 (Jo Smith, 2006)
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