Winter Score details

bunkbarn1 bunkbarn9We are booked into the Howgills Bunk Barn:
Directions: to get to Sedbergh, either come off the M6 junction at 37 and take the A684 to Sedbergh; or take the A65 along the foot of the Dales and turn right onto the A683 just before Kirkby Lonsdale, at the end of this road turn right onto the A684 to enter Sedbergh.
Drive through the Main Street past the “Dalesman Inn” public house on the left and at the end of Main Street take the first turning on your left, just to the left of “Westwood Books”. This lane leads up to the Bunk Barn after driving through Castlehaw Farm.
Postcode LA10 5BA
There should be enough parking, but please car-share as much as possible.
 Arant Haw
Arrival: we can arrive from 4pm on Friday 28th, and leave by 10am Sunday 30th.
Beds: there are 8 bedrooms each sleeping 4-6 people in bunk-beds. Two of the rooms have a double bunk bed. Each room has an en-suite shower room. You need to bring your own bedding or sleeping bag (or can pay in advance for the owner to supply bedding at £6pp).
Kitchen/Dining: there is a fully-equipped kitchen with 7-hob cooker, ovens, grill, microwave, freezer, etc, next to the large dining area. There is also a second, smaller kitchenette. I will leave it up to you all what you want to do about food – town is a short walk away for pubs, etc.
Other rooms: there is also a drying room, laundry, open attic area. There’s internet access points and a wide-screen TV.
Dogs: if anyone wants to bring a dog, we have to arrange it with the owner in advance and pay £16 – let me know if you do.
Howgills2 Winder
Friday race
Night navigation race: this will be a short race using head-torches.
4 checkpoints, only 2.6 miles but a little over 1000’ of ascent. The checkpoints will be marked with the normal kites, but I will attach old CDs to them so that they are easy to pick out in head torch light.
It will be a paired event – either pair up with someone in advance, or we’ll sort pairs out on the evening.
Compulsory kit: head-torch, compass, whistle, full waterproofs, additional full body covering (e.g. leggings and a long-sleeved thermal top), hat, gloves.
You will get a pre-printed, bagged map at 1:10000 scale.
GPS is not allowed (of course), and also no altimeters allowed. Altimeters can be used on Saturday, but it is too much of an advantage at night over those who have not got one. So just rely on good old-fashioned map and compass!!
We will walk half a mile from the bunk barn to the start of the race, then each pair will set off at 10-second intervals – the interval is purposefully short so that no-one is hanging around for too long.
Important: if you are going to come to the Friday race, please reply to this email and tell me what time you can get up there for. I want to start the race as early as everyone can get here so that its finished in time to eat.
Friday food: either bring something to cook at the bunk barn, or head into town.
The Howgills spread across Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire. Howgills4Saturday score event
Starts for the Score Event will be between 9:30am and 10:30am on Saturday. Either run solo, or in pairs or groups.
As usual, you will have 3 hours to visit as many controls as possible and get back to the finish at the bunk barn. You will lose 1 point for every 20 seconds you are late (i.e. 3 points per minute). There are 15 controls.
Compulsory kit is similar as for Friday’s race, but with a survival bag and not a head torch, i.e.: compass, whistle, full waterproofs, additional full body covering (e.g. leggings and a long-sleeved thermal top), hat, gloves, survival bag.
You will get a pre-printed, bagged map at 1:25000 scale.
GPS is not allowed, but can be carried for an emergency or to find out afterwards where/how-far you went (you Strava fanatics!)
Saturday afternoon
Ben is organising something for the afternoon, depending on the weather.
Hobdale Gill CautleySunday morning
We will split into a couple of groups and go for a leisurely paced group run into the Howgills to collect the checkpoints. If you found any of them tricky to navigate to, it will be interesting to revisit and see how you might have located them.
We are supposed to vacate the building by 10am, but the owner has agreed that we can leave our cars in the car park while we are out in the hills. He’s kindly said we can use the showers when we get back in from the run too.Howgills3