Challenging themselves in lockdown

Traditional fell racing may mostly have been cancelled since March & for at least for the next few months, but that has not deterred runners from finding alternative ways of challenging themselves & racing.

Highlights from recent CVFR exploits include Math Roberts’ completion of the second fastest Paddy Buckley Round ever (a long-distance fell running challenge in Snowdonia) & the fastest by a local / Welshman, on Wednesday, 29th July. Roberts completed the eye-watering 100km (67.5-mile route), which includes an astounding 47 summits, in only 17h 37 minutes & 39 seconds (& only just over 2/3rds of the 24h allowed). This feat also included running a sub-4-minute mile & 50km of the 100 in only a sliver over 7 hours.

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