Final club championship results 2011

The final club championship results, following Tour of Pendle have been posted:
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There were more of us turning out to the club champ races this year than we have ever had before (a total of 321 appearances, an average of more than 21 per race) – though unfortunately less women than in most previous years.

There were two new competitions for 2011 – a V50 championship and a female vet championship. The V50 competition was excellent, with an average of 4 or 5 competitors at each race, but the FV competition was not popular, with only 1 or 2 female vets at each race. So it was decided at the AGM that  we will continue to hold a V50 championship in future years, but not continue with the female-vet championship.

Our club champions for 2011:

  • club champion: Ben Mounsey
  • 2nd place: Jason Stevens
  • 3rd place: Rob Dobson
  • women’s champion: Joanna Stevens
  • vet’s champion: Jason Stevens
  • female vet’s champion: Linda Hayles
  • V50 champion: Mike Wardle
  • handicap champion: Mark Wharton
  • short race king: Matt Flanagan
  • medium race king: Rob Dobson
  • long race king: Kevin Hoult
  • short race queen: Joanna Stevens
  • medium race queen: Sharon Godsman
  • long race queen: Anne Johnson