Winter Solstice fun

The weekend saw Calder Valley and TodmordenHarriers coming together to celebrate the shortest day with the now customary winter solstice run. Organised by CV’s husband and wife team, James and Tamsin Cooke, runners met at the top of 100 steps early morning as the rest of Hebden slept. About 40 runners turned up this year and snaked their way across muddy fields towards Raw Lane then steadily up the shoulder of Sheep Stone Edge before reaching Robin Hood’s Penny Stone in an attempt to witness the prehistoric alignment of the sun rising over Miller’s Grave on Midgley Moor.

Submerged in Yorkshire clag, the actual sunrise wasn’t very distinguishable but the camaraderie and hip flasks helped keep  the cold away as the runners waited patiently to catch a glimpse of the rising sun. Then it was downhill back to Hebden for a rewarding breakfast kindly provided by the Cookes as a fundraiser for a Co-op charity (will get further details to you, along with quote from either Tamsin or Jim).

Winter Solstice run organisers, James & Tamsin Cooke

For all those who may want to experience the joys of running on our fells, come along to Calder Valley’s Resolution Runs starting  Saturday 4th Jan. We’ll be meeting every Saturday morning 9.30am  in St George’s Square, Hebden Bridege to run off road for about an hour. A great opportunity to find new routes, make new friends and see if fell running is for you.  For further details contact Jocasta on 07939 668164 or Gill at

– Calder Valley News Reporter: Gill Dickson