Orchan Rocks, 3 Peaks & Coiners

Orchan Rocks

Tim Ellis Orchan Rocks

Tim Ellis 1st at Orchan Rocks setting a new CR

Calder Valley’s club championship series continued with the short Orchan Rocks Fell Race from the Staff of Life in Cornholme last Tuesday.  Organised by Dan Taylor of Todmorden Harriers, Orchan Rocks is one of three races that Dan has put on the northern side of the Cornholme valley.  A short midweek 3.4mile race on woodland trails and moorland paths, the route circles the distinctive outcrop of Orchan Rocks.

Tim Ellis started fast and ended up beating Shaun Godsman’s course record set last year as first runner back in 21 minutes and 32 seconds. Alex was third behind Joshua Boyle of Barlick Fell Runners who set a new under 16s record.  With Mark O’Connor in 6th place Calder easily took the men’s team prize.

Nicola Jackson of Preston Harriers was first woman back in a new record time of 26:09 and 16th place.  Carolyn Shimwell was first woman back for Calder Valley scoring the full 100 points in the women’s championship.

Carolyn Shimwell Orchan Rocks

Carolyn Shimwell Orchan Rocks

There was fierce competition for every point, Gavin Roper overtook Jake Ackroyd in the final run in but Jake was having none of it, putting a finish line burst on to beat Jake by one second.  Simon Fisher and James Cooke also had great runs and scored well in the championship.

Simon Fisher Orchan Rocks - Mind your head

Simon Fisher Orchan Rocks – Mind your head

Photos courtesy of Dave Hammond

1 Tim Ellis  21:32 52 Jake Ackroyd  30:31
3 Alex Whittem  23:12 53 Gavin Roper  30:32
6 Mark O’Connor  24:36 56 Tim Brooks  30:48
8 Ian Symington  24:53 58 James Cooke  31:35
12 Mark Goldie  25:27 60 Nathan Kennaugh  31:51
14 Giles Simon  26:02 61 Graham Lloyd  32:01
19 Mark Wharton  26:24 69 Jeremy Wilkinson  32:46
21 Iain Powell  26:34 77 Dan Biggs  34:38
24 Phil Wells  27:25 80 Carolyn Shimwell  35:09
30 Richard Ingram  28:26 83 Rod Sutcliffe  35:44
34 Jonathan Emberton  28:49 85 Steven Cavell  36:15
39 Paul Gilbert  29:04 87 Jocasta Fletcher  36:41
41 Andy Davis  29:17 90 Graham Davy  37:43
46 Simon Fisher  30:11 101 Tamsin Cook  45:49

Photos courtesy of Woodentops

Three Peaks

For most people walking the Yorkshire Three Peaks of Pen-y-Ghent, Whenside and Ingleborough in under 12 hours is a great achievement. For fell runners a time under six hours is good, under four hours excellent, and under three hours 15 minutes is elite. The last weekend of April sees the running of the Three Peaks Fell Race.

Karl Gray, 3Peaks - Whernside

Karl Gray, 3Peaks – Whernside

The 23 mile course had been made extra challenging this year by four days of snow and ice. Conditions on the descents were treacherous as melting snow covered rocks and boulders resulting in slippery foot placements.

Karl Gray lost the V40 record last year to Rob Jebb of Bingley who set a new record of 2 hours 59 minutes and 32 seconds. Karl was determined to take it back this year and worked hard to smash the veterans records by over two minutes to come in fourth place in 2 hours 57 minutes and 13 seconds. As this race was also this year’s Yorkshire championship race, he took this prize too, additionally securing a GREAT BRITAIN vest in 6 weeks time for the mountain race in Slovinia.


Gale Sugden's storming 3 Peaks run.

Gale Sugden’s storming 3 Peaks run.

In the women’s race, won by the in form Victoria Wilkinson of Bingley, Calder’s Gayle Sudgen was 8th in 3 hours 46.50. Not to be outdone in the V50 category, Calder’s Richard Pattinson won his class in 3 hours 18 minutes and 55 second and was a well earned 20th overall.


It was Marc Lauenstein’s first visit to the Three Peaks Race, and the Swiss dentist won the event in a near record time. Lauenstein finished in 2hrs 48mins 58secs, only nine seconds ahead of his Salomon team-mate, Ricky Lightfoot the winner in 2014 and 2015. Ricky must have been gutted to have missed winning for thrre years in a row byu such a fine margin. Lauenstein’s time was only 2mins 55secs slower than the record over the current course set by Andy Peace, of Bingley Harriers, in 1996. The icy conditions make Karl’s record even more of a notable achievement

Richard Pattinson, 3 Peaks V50 Winner

Richard Pattinson, 3 Peaks V50 Winner

4  Karl Gray  2:57:13
20  Richard Pattinson  3:18:55
67  Kevin Hoult  3:36:39
112  Gayle Sugden  3:46:50
126  Mark O’Connor  3:51:10
129  Jon Smith  3:51:42
352  Mark Wharton  4:27:39
479  Johnnie Watson  4:46:20
506  Stephen Grimley  4:50:59
645  Darren Sargent  5:14:45
699  Craig Hall  5:43:01


Holly Page 5th Position and 1st Lady

Holly Page 5th Position and 1st Lady

The Coiners Fell Race ran from Mytholmroyd on Bank Holiday Monday. Despite a heavy downpour at lunchtime it turned out to be a lovely afternoon and the race went really well. There were some good results from the host club, Calder Valley Fell Runners.

Congratulations to Holly Page on a superb performance, 5th place overall and 1st lady. Another top ten finisher was Gareth Clarke. Holly, Rachael Crossland & Lindsay Oldfield took the ladies team prize, Jackie Scarf and Dick Spendlove also claimed prizes in the vets categories.

Rachel Crossfield's

Rachael Crossland flying high

5 Holly Page 54:55
9 Gareth Clarke 57:15
22 Lindsay Oldfield 1:01:18
23 Andrew Wright 1:02:33
25 Paul Gilbert 1:03:02
27 Paul Haigh1:03:02
32 Andy Davies 1:04:44
40 Toby Sydes 1:06:23
43 Rachael Crossland 1:07:14
44 Dick Spendlove 1:07:18
45 Jackie Scarf 1:07:43
56 James Cooke 1:12:52
67 Gill Dickson 1:17:59
71 Amanda Allman 1:19:17
73 Gail Tombs 1:19:32
75 Jocasta Fletcher 1:19:57

The Coiners Photos courtesy of Richard Sunderland

Andy Wright and Lindsay Oldfield CoinerGill Dickinson Coiners