‘Teamwork makes the dream work’

Ouch … and he only did 25 rough km like this!!!

It’s been a sorry couple of weeks for British sport…..The England football team were useless as usual in the Euros and Andy Murray lost in the Wimbledon final yesterday…..it’s good job the Calder Valley men’s team didn’t disappoint!!!!!

8 hardy CVFR souls travelled to Arrochar last weekend to compete in the mother of all fell races, Arrochar Alps (15.5miles and 8,000ft of hell).

Unfortunately there weren’t enough CVFR women to make up a team but HUGE congratulations to ‘La Capitana’ Helen Fines on another superb individual run. Our England international was in dominant form on Saturday, destroying all but 1 of the female opposition as well as taking a ridiculous amount of ‘Arrochar Scalps’! Helen showed the women AND the men how to run one of the toughest races ever included in the championship and she has earned some serious respect for her achievements. VERY, VERY WELL DONE HELEN! Your medals await!…

The day also belonged to the extremely hard working and committed men’s team who after this result have now MEDALLED IN THE BRITISH OPEN TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET IN!!!!!!!!!!! HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The team were led home by club ‘Legend’ Karl ‘Earl’ Gray, who never gave up on the race despite smashing up his ankle badly climbing over the gate across the dam at the bottom of the first descent. Looking at the picture of his ankle it’s hard to believe he managed to complete the race let alone get a top 10 finish! Our ‘man of steel’ finished in 8th overall and 3rd V40!…but this is Karl we’re talking about so don’t be too surprised 😉

Then there was Mad Legs Mulholland…the irish runt. Thankful for the fact he only weighs 7 stone he climbed his way to a top 15 finish and showed why Northern Ireland have chosen him to represent their fine country at the up and coming Snowdon International.

Timbo Baggins of The Shire found the race tough but kept on going to break into the top 35 and earn some valuable points for the team. Our ringbearing Hobbit was severely tempted to climb the Cobbler instead of Ben Narnia in order to cast the ‘one ring to rule them all’ into the fiery depths of the valley below the mountain. But alas he had a job to do for the club and he did it well.

Logie Bear was another injury worry and after struggling on the top of Ben Vain it was doubtful he would even finish the race- his calf was giving him trouble and he was in serious pain. The Loguester got round in one piece and he just managed to finish in front of 5th counter Timbo Black, who had excellent run with a much needed team performance, WELL DONE Tim! Tim wasn’t even going to run but apparently his Dad ‘made him’ and even drove him up on the Saturday morning. Black SNR we salute you!!!

Huge praise for Steve Smithies- a last minute sub for the vets team. Because Steve counted for the team he has all but guaranteed our successful Golden Oldies team another British medal in the V40 team category!!!!!!! Woohoo!!! A massive well done Steve- u da man!!!!!!

El Capitano had an absolute nightmare and has already wiped this weekend’s below-par performance from his memory. But he managed to finish the race and with the team medal in mind it was totally worth the effort!

This result has been WELL EARNED and it just shows how much the club has developed over the last few years. There is still chance to be a part of our most successful team- if we finish better than 3rd team overall in the last British champs race (Moel Wnion) then the result will eclipse our 3rd place overall at Slieve Bearnagh. Shaun, Alex, Brad etc. get involved!!!!!!!!

The legendary Allan Greenwood once said, ‘it’s not what the club can do for you, it’s what you can do for your club’.

Remember this.

A VERY proud,   El Capitano xxx