Moor to Moor Score Event

Here’s a great score event for you to participate in at at your own risk.

You will need the MapRunF App registered on a working  smartphone with GPS enabled.

The key warnings to highlight are that the footbridge across the canal is not accessible and there is an occasionally intermittent shooting range on the public footpath (control 45) that you should be aware of.

PIN lock codes are 0587 (2hrs) or 1443 (4hrs) for each course, either for the 2 hours or a 4 hours identical alternatives.

Access the courses from the MapRunF folder on the App UK/West Yorkshire/Calderdale/Moor2moor Score…..N120 (2hrs) or ….N240 (4hrs)

The Start and Finish are exactly the same point… near the chippy!

Here’s the map that shows that the outline of the course draws a hare in the landscape (the reason for the hare logo/theme)

Score event map here

Hopefully you’ll all get out running around like mad March hares on a post lockdown release…. 

Paul Taylor