Holly wins the Skyrunning World Series!!


Holly Page at Limone sul Garde

Resident of Heptonstall and the World, Holly Page has won the World Skyrunning Series in the final race at Limone sul Garde in Italy. In her own words she said “With nothing to lose I set off hard from the start and for the first time ever, really enjoyed the first big climb and was up with the leaders. Then things started to fall apart, my ITB cramped up completely so I hopped down the first descent, I was starting to feel dehydrated and dizzy but kept pushing on, holding onto 4th despite being sick and stopping for the toilet.

And then about 20km in, the world started spinning, I felt horrendous, my stomach was in pieces, and everything fell apart, there was nothing I could do other than watch people come past me and try and survive to the finish line, which I did, covered in my own sick. Delightful.

Once I’d come round I found out I’d still managed to win the Skyrunning World Series… WOWZERS!!!”

– Calder Valley News Reporter:Tim Brooks