Winter Score – 2014 entry list

Event date: Friday 28th to Sunday 30th Nov 2014

Please let me know ( if any of this list is wrong:

Entry List (29)

Jackie Scarf
Phil Scarf
Richard Sunderland
John Nunn
Mike Wardle
Martin Huddleston
Kevin Hoult
Lee Shimwell
Carolyn Shimwell
Rod Sutcliffe
Lindsey Oldfield
Rob Rawlinson
John Minta
Steve Smithies
Caroline Harding
Richard Ingram
Joanne Ingram
Ben Frechette
Katie Rowlands
Digby Harris
Clare Harris
Nick Harris – not paid yet
Thirza Hyde – campervan
Dave Hyde – campervan
Graham Lloyd – campervan
Becky Lloyd – campervan
Anne Milner – campervan
Stephen Milner – campervan
James Logue – day only, not paid yet