Your Committee: Roles

CVFR Committee posts Nov 2019/20

Chairperson: Jocasta Fletcher

  • Chairing committee meetings and the AGM.
  • Outling achievements and presenting awards at club Dinner.
  • An overall decision maker with the opportunity to steer the club and offer suggestions to moving forward and making changes, with the backing of the committee.

Secretary: Mike Wardle

  • Take minutes at committee meetings and distribute.
  • E-mail a summary of meeting to the club wide address.
  • Act as go-between for people wishing to suggest topics for the committee to discuss (although no-one ever has!)
  • Maintain registration with UK athletics and act as point of contact.
  • Counter-sign cheques/approve online payments made out by treasurer.

Treasurer: Manhar Patel

  • To process all income & expenditure transactions ie invoices & receipts in their various forms in a timely manner and monitor the cash position ie bank account for the club.
  • Maintain an income and expenditure account and cashbook to record all transactions and prepare accounts to audit stage on an annual basis.

Press Officer(s) Tim Brooks, Gill Dickson, Eileen McDonach, Catherine Jones

Submit a press report, ideally with a photo, for use by Hebden Bridge Times, Halifax Courier and CVFR website by Mon nights where there has been in the previous week:

  • a club race or race organised by a CVFR member
  • a British, English or club championship race with CVFR placings
  • an international appearance by a CVFR runner a top 3 finish in any race by a CVFR runner or team

If none of the above apply, then there’s no need to write a press report unless you especially want to.  Press reports should cover both senior and junior results.

  • In addition, where necessary, to include information on club events and have-a-go days in press reports.
  • To keep in touch with the relevant reporters to ensure we’re providing appropriate material at the right times (especially given recent changes in Courier staffing and publication).

Web officer: Mark O’Connor

  • Renew our web hosting annually
  • Ensure the website is in working order and update the platform on which it runs when necessary
  • Add new features to the website
  • Help the content admins (currently Andy W, Thirza and Bill) update content if needed
  • Face Book: Approve club members (With Thirza & Bill)

Junior co-ordinator: Andy Clarke

  • Oversee the coordination of training programmes and coaching/volunteering rotas
  • Point of contact for parents of juniors
  • Ensure that all junior activities are managed within the boundaries of Welfare policy
  • Be responsible for addressing any issues between coaches/parents and athletes
  • Take each and every opportunity to be rude to children
  • Organise or assist with organisation of 3 junior races
  • Plan and organise the junior championships
  • Oversee the organisation of junior end of season do
  • Liaise with parents and athletes of older juniors who look to widen their racing experience
  • Be accountable for managing junior monies
  • Medals and trophies

 Statistician: Andy Wright

  • Calculate start times for the summer and winter handicap races (invitations to bribery optional depending on current financial situation)
  • Keep the club championship results updated, and published on website or sheepsheet as appropriate
  • Along with the club captains, help select club championship races
  • Gather race results, to publish on website, not necessarily every race that every cvfr member does, just ones that several from the club did
  • Keep & publish relevant running stats where possible

Social Media/Communications Co-ordinator: Paul Haigh

  • Reflect the spirit of the club externally on social media platforms
  • Provide a means for non- members to interface with the club
  • Co-ordinate with the web officer and Press team to ensure all communications are aligned

 Social secretary:Working party of different people for various social events

The Club was set up as a dedicated fell running club, and it was agreed from the beginning that we should have a strong social component to our activities. The role of the Social secretary is to:

  • oversee the planning and organization of a programme of fell running-related social activities.

This does not necessarily mean personally organizing all social activities, but it means ensuring that social events are available and advertised to members. Examples of events that might be organized include the following:

  • The Annual Club Presentation Do, usually held in January.
  • The Annual Christmas run and post-run social in December.
  • The Irish weekend associated with the British championship race.
  • Summer race/camping weekend.
  • Winter weekend ‘soup runs’.
  • Occasional social evenings, e.g curry nights.
  • Score events with social, e’g Bill’s annual event in November, and a Tuesday evening event.
  • Tuesday away runs with food afterwards, including the occasional minibus trip to an away run.
  • Cycling or mountain biking trips.

Men’s captain:  Shaun Godsman

  • Organise Teams for relays
  • Select Club Championship Races. (With Statistician and Women’s Captain)
  • Organise teams for English and British Championships.

Women’s captain: Carolyn Shimwell

As for Men’s Captain

Equipment officer:: Blair Garrett

  • Order and sell the club running vests and special orders for the running tops
  • Collect all the trophies, get them engraved ready for presentation at the club do. Order and collect the long, med and short king and queen glasses
  • Check and monitor all club kit. Repair or replace equipment and other items as required, e.g. new race timers, waterproof folders, first aid kits, pins, race no’s etc
  • Liaise with race organizers for CFVR, junior and senior races, also affiliated races, and supply what race equipment they may need for that particular race

Membership secretary: Bob Howard

  • Collect subscription every year from members and resign any relevant runners who don’t wish to renew
  • Keep an up to date telephone list
  • Encourage any new members to join by bribing, kidnapping or whatever means I can find. Sometimes telling them what a great club we are works fine though.
  • Send out a “Welcome to CVFR” email and ask them to join our Egroup
  • Invite and authorise any new members to join our Facebook page
  • Keep a list of runners who run for 2 clubs. For us on the fells and another club for any other disciplines (like the hard stuff they call tarmac!!!)
  • Swear a lot at the England Athletics rubbish database when paying the fee for those who run for 2 clubs
  • Keep up to date with the England Athletics ruling about first claim and first claim other disciplines (this is really important to keep our runners right but also to keep other membership secretaries informed as there’s lots of misunderstanding on the rules). There’s only a few fell only clubs so most of other membership secretaries don’t come across the rule about first claim fell only and first claim other disciplines very often!!

Access: Tim Brooks

  • Advising to race organisers about routeing courses and assisting with landowner negotiations if required.
  • Liaising with FRA Access Advisor
  • Liaising with Natural England Access Officer and Calderdale M.B.C Access staff.
  • Advising to club members if they are being denied access to somewhere they think they are allowed

Co-opted Members:  Thirza Hyde, Harley Beecroft