BPM Wadsworth Trog

For 2018 this race will be named the “Bernard Pierce memorial Wadsworth Trog” The beast creator, Bernard, sadly passed away earlier in 2017.


A local classic and an excellent long route to start the season.

BL – 19 miles (31km) / 3650ft (1110m)
Saturday 3rd February 2018, 10:00am

If you are doing any running over the route please be aware that there are shoots on a Saturday and it would be advisable if you could run the route on a Sunday. Many Thanks.

Where? Old Town Cricket Club, Hebden Bridge.HX7 8SW (GR SD 998285)
Very limited parking. Please car share.
How much? £10.00 Pre entry via SiEntries by the 27th Jan 2018
Age limit? Over 18
Race Organiser Jake Ackroyd, Email: jakeackroyd@hotmail.co.uk
What shall I carry? Full waterproof taped seams body cover, correct map, compass, whistle, hat, gloves and emergency food must be carried.

There will be a kit check when you come to collect your number and other spot checks before and after the race.

Checkpoints The Check Points are as follows:

(Please note we plan to introduce sportident chip timing in the 2018 race so please check for CP updates soon).

CP1 High Brown Knoll Trig Point SE009304
CP2 Dean Head Dam SE020306 (unmanned, self clip)
CP3 Footbridge at end of Catchwater SE026321
CP4 Cock Hill A6033 SE011327
CP5 Haworth Old Road/Barn SD994319 (cut-off time 11:45)
CP6 Harbour Lodge track SD998354 (unmanned, self clip)
CP7 Withins Ruin SD981354
CP8 Walshaw SD974313
CP9 Shackleton Knoll SD984314 (unmanned, self clip)
CP10 Road Crossing SD999310 (cut-off time 13:45)
CP11 High Brown Knoll Trig Point SE009304
CP12 Sheepstones Trig Point SE014278
CP13 Wood End – bridge SD998277 (unmanned, self clip)
Finish Old Town Cricket Club SD998285

Route Note change from CP12 to CP13:
Records New route from 2015:
Male – 2:27:24 – Karl Gray, CVFR (2015)
Female – 2:51:26 – Nichola Jackson, Preston Harriers (2017)
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Photos 2018a (Woodentops Set 1)
2018b (Woodentops Set 2)
2017a (Woodentops Set 1)
2017b (Woodentops Set 2)
2017c (Ana De La Fuente Herrero)
2017d (James Kirby)
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