CVFR Champs 2018

Final Results 2018

Club Championships

Your best 2 results at each distance to count towards the various categories, with Overall, Womens, Vets and V50 all calculated separately there is plenty of opportunity to join in the fun.

Short/Medium/Long Race Kings and Queens All results from the distance are counted to decide these titles.

Handicap Championships

Best 2 handicapped results from each distance to count (handicaps based on performance over the previous years)

Counters 2018

These are the club championship races for 2018
Date Name Category  
Sat 17/02/18 Flower Scar Medium  
Sun 25/03/18 Doctors Gate Medium  
Sat 21/04/18 Teenager With Altitude Both count as long Can participate in either TWA or AW as a counter towards the long events, but TWA will get more points than Waltzers
Sat 21/04/18 Anniversary Waltz Long  
Tue 01/05/18 Orchan Rocks Short  
Sat 05/05/18 The Cake Race Medium Pre Entry Only
Sat 12/05/18 Fairfield Horseshoe Medium  
Wed 16/05/18 Kildwick Short  
Sun 10/06/18 Howtown Long  
Sat 16/06/18 Buckden Pike Short  
Sun 22/07/18 Holme Moss Long  
Sat 28/07/18 Turnslack Medium  
Sat 04/08/18 Hellifield Gala Short  
sun 05/08/18 Saddleworth Round Long  
Sun 16/09/18 Ian Roberts Memorial Medium  NOTE: alteration from originally listed date
Sat 15/09/18 Three Shires Long  
Sun 23/09/18 Utterley Butterley Short  
Sun 11/11/18 Roaches Long
Sat 17/11/18 Harriers V Cyclists  Short As a fell running club, you are welcome to cycle to the event, but take your bike around the course and I’m afraid it won’t count towards the champs.
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