Club Championships 2017

Club Championships

Your best 2 results at each distance to count towards the various categories, with Overall, Womens, Vets and V50 all calculated separately there is plenty of opportunity to join in the fun.

Short/Medium/Long Race Kings and Queens All results from the distance are counted to decide these titles.

Handicap Championships

Best 2 handicapped results from each distance to count (handicaps based on performance over the previous years)

Results 2017

Counters 2017 

These are the club championship races for 2017
Date  Race  Notes Distance
Sun 12/02/17 Windy Hill (BM)   M
Sun 19/03/17 Heptonstall (BL)   L
Sat 22/04/17 Anniversary Waltz (AM)   M
Wed 17/05/17 Blackstone Edge (AS)   S
Sat 27/05/17 Weets (AS) English Champs S
Sun 04/06/17 Pendle Cloughs (AL) NOTE revised date and website L
Sat 17/06/17 Tebay (AM) British Champs M
Wed 28/06/17 Cragg Vale (BS)   S
Sat 08/07/17 Wasdale (AL) English Champs L
Sat 22/07/17 Old Crown Round (AL) Beer served at each summit L
Tue 01/08/17 Crow Hill Reverse (BS)   S
Sun 13/08/17 Boulsworth Fell (BM)   M
Sun 10/09/17 Yorkshireman (CL) Can do full or half but more points earned for full L
Sat 23/09/17 Great Whernside (AS) English Champs S
Sun 29/10/17 Bronte Way (BM)   M

Ultra Championship

Here are this years Ultra Championship Races. With only 1 runner completing the required 3 counters in 2016 we are experimenting with a new format for 2017.
This year you only need to complete 2 Ultra races to be in the competition, and one of these is the CVFR favourite Haworth Hobble.  Your best 2 races count.

All 4 of these events are part of the Run Further series so by completing these you will also be getting counters towards this competition too.

Ultra Results

The above categories are eligible for awards at the end of the year, however we are now also offering the following categories as a just for fun to see if we can add a little competition to this years races

Date Race Notes Distance
Sat 11/03/17 Haworth Hobble (BL)   Ultra
Sat 01/04/17 Calderdale Hike ()   Ultra
Sat 29/04/17 Fellsman ()   Ultra
Sat 12/08/17 Long Tour Of Bradwell (BL)   Ultra
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