Calderdale Foot-Quest (Navigation Training for fell runners)

April 6, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
90 minute Score type event with mass start.
Registration:09:30-09:55  Mass start 10:00
Venue: Midgley Community Room, HX2 6UE.
Date 6th April 2018
Parking is limited on street parking, or Midgley Recreation Ground. So please share transport if you can.
PRE-ENTRY ONLY: limited to 40. 
£7 Entry fee includes course printed on waterproof paper & breakfast.
Any profit is going to fund improvements to Midgley recreation ground.
Pre-enter by email to or post here, please say if veggie or meaty food required.Closing date for entries is the 4th April.
The event has been registered as an activity with British Orienteering. First come first served.
At a quest, you will be given a  map, 1:25,000 scale for foot, 1:50,000 for cycle.It is not an organised event as such just a bit of training.
Marked on the map will be about 20 “controls” to navigate to. You MUST stick to public rights of way. 
At each control there will be a multiple choice question. E.g. Footpath sign:Third letter of destination?  C D E F G . You circle with a pen/pencil , or indeed  pierce with a sharp point, the correct answer, to prove you have been there. The control is given a value which is the same as its number. So the nearest are worth more, so control 20 is worth 20 points and will be nearest, control 1 is worth 1 point and will be furthest. You will be penalised harshly for being late, and rewarded for being early! 
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